In the year of 2008, Jonathan has the opportunity to work on Yvonne Sanchez’ second Album release which she entitled “My Garden” (Warner Music). In this record Jonathan is credited with Lyric writing, song composition, recording guitars and vocals and finally credited as an Executive producer. “A great honor to have been part of a beautiful album and to work with the legendary Yvonne Sanchez.” Jonathan Ramirez..


Jonathan had the great pleasure to write and record a poem for B/Y Organism which they used as their outro on their freshman album entitled “The new beginning”. Jonathan’s poem entitled “FLOW”.


Other collaborations include:

Santiago Ferreira: Jonathan recorded vocals and wrote lyric for Santiago’s single entitled “I feel the party in my soul”.

Toxique (Klara Vytiskova): Jonathan recorded a duo with Klara (Be Good) on her freshman album “Detox” and recorded Vocals “Naked Sculpture”. 2008 RGM Entertainment

Ondrej Pivec: Jonathan wrote lyric for Ondrej’s record “Don’t Get ideas” Cube Metier 2006

Roman Pokorny: Jonathan wrote lyrics for a song composed by Roman Pokorny a well respected Jazz/Blues instrumentalist. The song entitled “Black Bird Woman”. 2012.

Philip Gondolan: Jonathan wrote lyrics for a song composed by Philip Gondolan entitled “Mrs. Brown” 2008.